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hey everyone. i'm sorry to tell you, that there won't be anymore TR ff's written by me. i'm just not into it anymore, neither in writing them, nor reading, don't know why. it probably just wore off.
i might write something non ff-related one day but that is still unsure.

anyway, i want to thank everyone who read and reviewed my stories, you can't imagine how much it all meant and still means to me! and i'm also glad i met so many great people through all this, some of you i don't wanna miss in my life anymore

love you all!

22.5.07 22:29


the fanfic forum is up again! so go, check it out!!!
FF Forum
9.3.07 21:16

wow. people are still coming here and sending me messages. i can hardly believe it!

hope you know how much this means to me!!! love you all!

i haven't written anything in a long long time but i have to say, i really miss it! but i'm just so busy with... well, life. but i'm sure i'll write something new one. maybe more TR ff's maybe something completely different, who knows? i don't.

but i'll let you know and would be thankful forever (which i already am!) if you want to read it.

until then, thanks for everything, you're the best!!!

5.10.06 23:05

hey me (and everyone else who is still coming here)!
i'm alive and kicking, just pretty busy and not really inspired to write.... sorry bout that!
as soon as i write more, i'll let you know, promise!
btw, what a shame, the TRFF being hacked... really hope they'll get it back running, would hate to loose all the wonderful feedback you gave me in there!
anyway, stay safe everyone!
6.4.06 23:29

thank you , you totally forgot to update the story here, sorry, so now, chapter two of prophecies is up. if i survive tonight, i'll try to write a new part tomorrow...
21.1.06 17:13

hello? anyone still coming here? if yes: i love you! and i'm sorry for not writing anything in ages
if not: i really understand you, i've been an uninspired, lazy ass lately...

but, tadaaaaaaaaa, i started to write again! don't really know why, i mean of course i know why... cause i love doing it and i really missed doing it but i'm not really sure how it happened. i was reading a challenge by 'seek for a name' in the TRFFF and suddenly i was like 'oh, that's good, i'm gonna accept that challenge', started writing and here i am, with the first (short) chapter
i think it turns out to be a kinda fantasy-scary-apocalyptic or something story, not so sure yet but hey, let me know what you think
oh and i forgot, it's called 'prohpecies'
8.1.06 23:47

wow, can't believe people are spending whole nights to read stories i wrote! that's so cool of you guys
been told that the link to dancing satan has expired, here's a new oneLINKTEXT
30.11.05 18:05

hey everyone just wanted to tell you, i'm on now, so if you want to, add me
26.11.05 23:41

ok, this is for you guys who remember 'angel crossing!'

remember the BBQ party in god's backyard when rita saw satan for the first time? i always had that guy in the back of my mind when i described satan's look on that night and thanks to a friend i finally have a tiny video clip
click here to download the clip, it's the dancing guy

don't know if this download thing expires or something, if so, tell me and i'll re-upload it
13.11.05 16:58

hey everyone

i was wondering if you could help me out with something... i was talking to a friend and somehow i told him that i was writing stuff. the thing is, no one who knows me in real life (as in 'not from the internet' *lol*) knows that i'm writing... now he keeps asking me if he can read something. he's not really the kind of person who'd read fanfiction and it was actually pretty weird and difficult to explain to him why people write ffs *lol* i think he still doesn't really get it *lol*
anyway, what i need your help for, what story would you choose give to him? preferably a short one... oh, and i think the slash fic would kinda scare him *lol*
please tell me what you think! leave a message in the guestbook or email me or whatever, just let me now!!
12.11.05 18:52

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