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Well, as you might have read some of the stories on this site you're probably wondering why anyone would write something like this?
Maybe she's an obsessed fan? A hysterical teenager? A weird girl that lives her phantasies about celebs in her own stories?
Sorry to dissapoint you...
Maybe I should tell you how this all began...
I was 12 or 13 when I was a huge fan of *coughs*newkidsontheblock*coughs* and guns 'n roses. Weird mixture, I know.
Back than I really was a fan, dreaming about my fave musicians (as far as you can call nkotb musisians...) and writing down little adventures about my heroes and myself. I was pretty embarrassed, thought no body else would do stuff like that. So I never showed them to anyone, neither did I tell anyone about them.
Then, about 15 years later I stumbled across the international The Rasmus forum and were taught that there exists something called 'fanfictions'.
I was stunned. Hundreds of people who did the exact same thing I did when I was younger. But instead of keeping it a secret they posted their stuff on the internet. And some of them were really good.
I found out that there are millions of fanfics from all over the world and about everything (bands, movies, books, what ever!) published on the internet.
One day I was bored and as I hadn't written anything for ages I thought "Why not writing a fanfic?"
For a start it's easier to use already existing characters, I think, so that's why I didn't just write any kind of other story.
Why did I choose The Rasmus?
Guess, I was just liking their music a lot during that time and the TR forum was the first place I learned about fanfics. I might dissapoint you now, but though I have most of their cds, I'm not a hardcore fan... I was just on one of their concerts, (2003), don't collect any posters, photos, articles, what ever. Never met the guys and actually would be pretty glad if I never meet them. I'm not really sure if they'd like to read or know about the stuff I make them do in my stories... *lol*
I don't even find them extremely hot or attractive... well, Lauri and AKi on some pics... but sorry, I prefer my men tall, tattooed and tough...
The characters I invent for my fics don't have anything to do with me nor do I want to be like them. I just make up characters that I think could be interesting to read about. Sometimes I include little things I've seen or places I've been to (like for example in 'secretly'). But that's about the maximum of things that have to do with me as a private person.
Sometimes I think I should start writing a story that's not based on a band, getting the feeling that using existing characters kinda limits me... but then again, I still got some ideas that at least are enough for another story, so 'what if' is not gonna be my last TR fanfic
And after all, I met some really great people through the TR forum, don't wanna miss them ever again!

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