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this is another short fic and result of a challenge, set by love lintu 4ever from the int. forum.
the challenge was:
-No slash
-Horror(no vampires)
-Main character must be Lauri
-It have to be in a forest and it must be in the night
-It have to include those sentences:
"I've to search again because of you!"
"Oh no... not again..."
"Please let me go!"

The island of the forgotten children

„I hate you.“ Pauli pulled his jacket tighter and rubbed his arms to warm his body up.
“Shut up,” Lauri muttered annoyed and walked on.
It was dark. Only the full moon that shone through the trees lit up their way a little bit.
“Why do I always end up in a shitty situation like this just because of your drunken ideas?” Pauli kept nagging.
Lauri sighed. As much as he had to agree, he didn’t want to admit that Pauli was right. Two hours ago this had sounded like a great idea but now that he had sobered up there was only one thing he wanted to do, cuddling up in front of the fire place of their hut and drinking a hot tea with rum.
It had all started with Aki’s idea to leave the city and to stay at his parents summer house in the middle of the Finnish woods over the weekend. They spent the day at the nearby lake and when the sun set they decided on drinking and telling each other scary stories. Aki told them a story he remembered from his child hood.
In the middle of the lake was a small island. People called it the “island of the forgotten children”. A long time ago, there was a man who had a little son and a little daughter. No one remembered exactly why, but he brought them to the island and left without ever coming back. The children died but, that’s what the people around here told each other, their ghosts where still alive.
“And if anyone comes to the island at full moon, the children don’t let you go cause they don’t wanna be alone anymore. I swear, it’s a true story, when I was ten, a few teenagers went to the island and were never seen again,” Aki explained. “And it was full moon, just like today,” he added with a toned down voice.
The guys just had laughed at him until Aki dared them to go to the island by boat and crossing it without a flashlight.
Pauli couldn’t remember how Lauri had talked him into doing it, he blamed the alkohol and Lauri’s persuasive power and his ability to make it sound like a fun adventure. And now they were here. Aki and Eero were waiting in the boat on the other side of the island.
Lucky them, he thought, they have blankets and hot tea and rum.
“I swear, I’m never gonna listen to you ever again, Lauri!”
“Oh, come on! It’s not that bad! I guess we’re pretty much on the other side soon,” Lauri tried to calm his friend down. But he wasn’t so sure. They’d been walking over half an hour now and though he didn’t know why, he felt like they were lost. How could that be? This was only a tiny island, Aki had said that it only took about twenty minutes to cross it. Of course, it was dark and they barely saw their own feet but still, something wasn’t right.
“Man, I’m freezing!” Pauli complained.
“Don’t be such a wuss! It’s summer! It’s just a bit chilly.” Lauri dug his hands deeper into his pockets. Pauli was right, it was unusually cold for this season.
“And we haven’t seen the slightest sign of these goddamn kids!”
Actually Lauri was glad about that. Not that he really believed in ghosts, but this place made him shiver. And not only because of the cold.
“That must have been some dumb ass brats, why didn’t they just swim home? It’s not that far, maybe an hour or something,” Pauli muttered on.
“It was winter when they were stuck here, they would have frozen to death,” Lauri replied.
Pauli snorted sarcastically. “They died anyway.”
They walked on for a while without saying a word, except for some curses when one of them stumbled over a stone or a branch. Besides their steps there were only the sounds of a forest at night, the wind in the leaves, chirping crickets and from time to time the silent “shoo-hoo” of an owl.
Suddenly Lauri stopped. Pauli ran straight into him.
“Dude, watch out!” he grumbled annoyed.
“Shhh!” Lauri made and put his finger across his lips.
“I can’t hear anything.”
“Shhh!” Lauri repeated and listened closely. There was something, it took him a while until he realized it, someone was singing… a little girl? He shook his head and listened again but no doubt, he heard the voice of a girl from far away. “Do you hear it, too?” He whispered.
Pauli turned into the direction the voice was coming from and nodded.
It was a sweet and sad little melody, no words, just humming but full of yearning for something long lost. Lauri felt his body starting to shake.
Pauli laughed. “Nice try, Aki!” He then shouted out loud. “Does he really think we fall for this cheap trick?” Pauli walked into the voice’s direction.
“Pauli, wait!” Lauri hissed. “I don’t think that’s…”
But Pauli had already disappeared behind some trees. Lauri was left all alone. “Damn,” he mumbled and quickly followed Pauli.
This time Lauri was the one who ran against his friend. “What’s up? Did you find him?”
Pauli, standing on a small clearing, slowly shook his head. His face was lit up by the moonlight.
Lauri was shocked. Pauli was all pale, his eyes were ripped open wide. “Are you alright?”
“I… there was… I saw…” Pauli stuttered.
“These kids!”
“You’re kidding me, right?” Lauri hoped Pauli would start laughing out loud any second, telling him that he was just acting but something told him he wouldn’t.
“I wish,” Pauli whispered still shocked.
“Then where are they now?”
Almost like an answer Lauri heard someone giggle. Pauli shrug together.
”That’s them again!”
And then Lauri saw them, too. Two little blond children, both wearing long old fashioned white frocks and no shoes. They were holding hands and somehow seemed to glow from the inside.
Lauri blinked. They were gone again. “Where are they?”
They both turned around, scanning the trees for a sign of the kids.
“There!” Pauli suddenly shouted and pointed over Lauri’s shoulder.
Lauri saw a weak glowing between some trees from the corner of his eyes but when he had turned his head they had vanished into thin air.
“No, here!” Pauli pointed into the opposite direction. “No, wait, over there!”
The children seemed to appear in different spots every other second. Again Lauri heard them giggle. He felt his neck hair stand up. Then he took all his guts together and cleared his throat.
“Where are you?” He had wanted to make his voice sound firm and confident but it didn’t work out at all, it sounded more like a scared croak.
“We are here!”
A high and clear voice made Lauri turn around.
The children were sitting on a rock with tangling legs. The girl was holding her brother’s hand. They both smiled at Lauri and Pauli.
Lauri gulped. “Who are you?”
The little boy giggled. “You know who we are, don’t you?”
Lauri nodded. “But… I mean… you can’t be here!”
“But we are here, aren’t we?” The boy grinned.
“Well, yeah,” Lauri had to admit.
“Do you want to play with us?” The girl asked excited.
Pauli who had just been staring at the kids the whole time, stepped forward. “As much as I’d love to, it’s getting kinda late, so if you could please show us into which direction we have to go to get to the beach?”
“You don’t want to play?” The girl looked at them disappointed. “Why not? We’ve been waiting so long for you!”
“I’m sorry, maybe another time,” Pauli excused himself and wanted to turn away. He startled and stared at Lauri. “Dude, I’m stuck!”
Lauri tried to move his feet but it was like he was glued to the floor. Cold sweat stared to run down his temples. The little boy giggled.
“Are you doing this?” Lauri asked scared.
The boy nodded. “Do you really wanna leave?”
Lauri nodded.
The girl tilted her head to the side and gave him a weird smile. Her eyes were sad. “Why do people always want to leave us alone? What have we done to you? Why don’t you like us?” Her voice turned from sadness to anger.
Lauri gasped. “Please, let me go!” With full force he tried to loosen his feet from the ground. Pauli was trying the same.
The little boy shrugged his shoulders, then he waved with his hand.
The sudden relief of his feet made Lauri fall on his knees. Pauli stumbled backwards.
“Then go,” the girl said, “if you don’t wanna stay with us… but watch out, this island tends to keep its visitors here.”
“What do you mean?” Lauri asked confused.
“Why do you think we never left this place?” The little boy asked back.
Lauri didn’t understand what he was saying but Pauli already ran towards the trees. Lauri looked back to the kids for a last time, then he ran after his friend.
Five minutes later they stopped. Lauri bend forward and put the hands on his knees, gasping for air.
“Holy shit,” Pauli panted, “dude, I almost pissed my pants! I can’t believe what just happened!”
Lauri breathed heavily, his side was stitching. His body was still shaking with fear. “Did this really happen?”
Pauli laughed nervously. “Either that or we are more drunk then we thought.”
“Aki and Eero will never believe us,” Lauri muttered. “Hey, what do you think they were meaning with that ‘the island keeps its visitors’ thing?”
Pauli shrugged his shoulders. “Who cares? Let’s go, I think I can hear the water of the lake down there!” He walked into the dark.
Suddenly Pauli stumbled and fell to the ground. “Fuck.”
“Are you ok?”
“Yeah… hey, pass me your lighter, there’s something weird lying on the ground,” Pauli told Lauri.
Lauri pulled his lighter out of his pocket but his hands were still trembling, it fell down. “Damn,” he mumbled and groped for it in some dry leaves. He found it and turned it on. “What is it?”
Pauli picked up something and held it into the weak light. Then, with a shriek, he threw it away and jumped backwards against Lauri, making him drop the lighter again.
Lauri kneeled down and patted over the ground. “I’ve to search again because of you, thanks a lot! What the fuck are you doing anyway?” He passed the lighter to Pauli. “Here, this time you hold it yourself.”
Pauli shook his head. “I don’t wanna see that again!”
Lauri rolled his eyes. “What was it? A dead rabbit or what?”
Pauli held the flame away from his body and pointed into that direction.
Lauri startled. A skull.
“Holy fuckin’ shit,” he mumbled. “Let’s get the fuck out of here!”
They both got back on their feet and ran towards where they expected the water to be.
Then they heard steps behind them. Not little children’s steps. Steps from someone huge, someone heavy. The earth was slightly shaking with every stomp.
“What is that?” Pauli shouted over to Lauri.
“Don’t look back! Keep on running!” Lauri shouted back. He also wanted to know what was following them but he didn’t dare to turn around. He was to scared of what he would see. And then his foot got caught in a root. He tried to keep balance but failed miserably. Lauri crashed to the ground and pulled Pauli down with him.
The didn’t need to turn around, they knew it was standing right behind them. They could feel it, feel the terrible presence of whatever had chased them.
Lauri slowly turned his head and gasped.
A giant creature, tall as the trees, stood there and looked down at them. Its body was black and shiny, its skin somehow seemed to move. It took Lauri a few moments to realize what he saw. Millions and millions of tiny black insects had gathered and formed this enormous and terrifying being.
“What the hell is that?” Pauli whispered.
The insects hissed and rustled and formed an answer. “We are the keeper of the island,” it said, “and we are hungry!”
Lauri jumped up and stumbled backwards. With a loud bang he hit his head against a tree and fell to the ground.
Lauri opened his eyes and rubbed his head. Had he been unconsciousness? He didn’t know. He saw Pauli lying face down a few meters away from him.
Lauri crawled towards his friend. “Dude, are you alright?” Pauli didn’t answer. Lauri stretched out his arm and softly touched Pauli’s shoulder.
In that second that, what Lauri had thought was Pauli’s black jacket, fell into a thousand tiny pieces. Insects, millions of black insects quickly scattered into all directions and disappeared into the dark, just leaving a bright white skeleton of a human body.
Lauri turned away and threw up. “Oh my God,” he sobbed. Could this be true? Maybe this was just a nightmare? Maybe he was still unconsciousness? Maybe he was actually passed out drunk in the hut and all this had never happened?
Lauri smelled the mixture of vomit and rotten leaves and felt the cold creeping through his bones. No, he wasn’t dreaming…
He jumped on his feet and started to run as fast as he could. Tears were running down his cheeks, his knees weakened but he ran on. He hardly felt some branches slapping his face. He only wanted to get out of here, wanted to survive.
And then, between the trees, he saw the moonlight reflecting on the lake. He heard Aki and Eero laughing in the boat.
His heart was beating faster. I’m safe, I’m almost safe, he thought. Maybe a hundred more meters and I’m finally safe!
“Hey, Lauri! It’s about time!” Eero, who had just discovered him, blinded Lauri with his flashlight.
Only thirty meters left to the boat, twenty-five …
“Where did you leave Pauli? Is he still playing with the kids?” Aki laughed.
Twenty meters, fifteen…
Suddenly Eero and Aki shut up and stared at a point behind Lauri.
Lauri turned around and looked straight into the face of the black creature.
“Oh no… not again!”

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