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this is the result of a challenge set by Link 179 from the int. forum.

the challenge was:
-It has to be a songfic based on the song "Hope Vol. 2" by Apocalyptica -Lyrics here
-It needs to be angsty, but I don't mind if it's got romance, horror, fantasy...
-It must be more than a page in word, but you can make it a long or one shot fic, I don't mind.
-And lastly; shock me people!

My victory is your defeat

Silky black hair was flowing down her back. Her lips were full and red and were a sharp contrast to her porcelain white skin. Her dark blue, almost purple eyes looked at him and made him forget everything else.
Lauri balanced the magazine on his knees, staring at the photograph. His fingers carefully redrew the outlines of her body.
“Please fasten you seat belt, get your seat in an upright position, fold up your table and turn off all electronic devices. We are ready to take off.”
The voice tore him back into reality. He dug his fingers into the arms of his seat while the plane took off into the sky. Lauri sighed. He couldn’t believe what he was doing. When he had told his friends about it they had told him that he was crazy. He couldn’t blame them for that, being in their position he probably would have thought the same. But still, it felt like this was the only right thing to do.
He was excited and at the same time scared. What if this is just a big mistake? What if she just laughs at me? What if I never meet her?
Lauri nervously played with his bracelets. He wanted to smoke a cigarette so bad! But he would have to wait another six hours until the plane landed in New York.
Again his attention was caught by the woman on the photograph.

He had seen her two days ago at a bar after their show in London. There had been a lot of people and he had been quite drunk as they were celebrating the end of their tour.
Then she had entered the room. He was struck by her beauty. Probably like every man in the bar. He wanted to go and introduce himself to her but he was paralysed. Probably like almost every man in the bar, too.
Of course he hadn’t been able to overcome his shyness though he had tried very hard to let the vodka make him become brave enough to say at least ‘hi’. But then, when the others were almost dragging him towards the exit to go back to the hotel, their eyes met.
And suddenly, just for a second, Lauri felt like they were the only people in the room, like the time was running slower.
She smiled. He stared at her, hypnotized.
And with the blink of an eye, that magical moment was gone, his friends pulled him through the door and into a cab.
Ever since then the only thing that went through his mind was her.

“Hope,” Lauri whispered and smiled at the picture on his lap.
Hope, that was her name. Hope, the new uprising star in the fashion scene. The model that all the designers wanted to book for their shows, that all editors wanted to have on the cover of their magazines. The whole world was at her feet.
Yesterday Lauri had read that Hope would be at the New York fashion week tomorrow. It had only taken him a few minutes to make his decision. He loved her, he had to be with her, no matter what it would take. His friends tried to make him stay, to sleep it over. He did but only to pack his things with the break of dawn and head towards the airport when everyone else was still sleeping.

And now he was sitting here, impatiently counting the hours and minutes until the plane would land in New York.
I must be out of my mind! I haven’t even talked to her! And how can I expect that she, Hope, the super model, will like me, Lauri, the funny little singer of a Finish band? Because I have seen it in her eyes! It might have just been a second but that second has changed our lives! If she wasn’t that busy at the moment she would probably also try to find me!
No, this is not crazy, this is love!

It had taken him all day but now he had finally almost reached his goal. Through his American record label Lauri had managed to get tickets to Hope’s last show of the day and the after show party. That was his chance!
I will meet her, I just know it, I will meet her!
The show was nearly done. He hadn’t seen her yet.
And then Hope entered the scene. She was wearing a long black wedding dress, the master piece of the designer’s collection. Her face was covered by a black lacy veil. She slowly paced down the catwalk, lit up by the million flashes of the photographers’ cameras. When she reached the end of the stage, she stopped and lifted the veil. Lauri felt that everyone was holding their breath, stunned by her beauty. Her eyes glided over the audience and found Lauri’s. She smiled at him. Then she turned around and walked back.
Lauri gasped. She had been looking for him! So he had been right! She had felt the same that night, he wasn’t just making up some foolish wishes. She loved him, too.
Cold shivers ran down his spine. Could this really be? Wasn’t this too good to be true?
The show was over. People left the room. Lauri followed them to the lounge and bar area that had been set up next door. He ordered a beer and sat down in a corner, constantly observing the entrance.
He didn’t know how long he had been waiting, to him it seemed like hours.
“I knew you were coming.”
Lauri shrug up and turned his head to the side. Hope was sitting next to him. How had she gotten here? He hadn’t taken his eyes off the door for a second!
She smiled.
Lauri felt like his heart was melting. He didn’t know what to say. Actually he wanted to tell her how beautiful she was, how much he loved her, how deep he was longing for her. But her smile robbed his words.
She took his hand. “Let’s leave this boring party behind.”
She got up. Lauri followed her without letting her hand go. He was afraid that if he let her go, everything would disappear into thin air. That he would wake up from a dream.

They were in his hotel room. Only a few candles were burning and though their warm light lit up the room, they also drew ghostly shadows on the walls. Lauri felt weird.
Finally he was here, with her, Hope, his love. His heart was beating fast, he wanted to hold her, kiss her, feel her closer. But why was he hesitating?
What’s wrong with me? Shouldn’t I be overwhelmed with joy? Isn’t this what I was waiting and hoping for all the time? Why do I have the feeling that something isn’t right?
He was standing in the middle of the room, watching Hope lighting another candle. She turned around and looked at him with a smile that washed away all doubts. Of course this was right!
Lauri stepped towards her and took her hands. “I love you,” he whispered.
“I know,” Hope replied softly, “I can see it in your eyes, feel it in your touches.”
He was caught in her eyes, felt like they were drawing him closer. From this short distance she was even prettier. Her lips looked so smooth, so warm. He couldn’t resist and kissed her gently. Hope wrapped her arms around his body and held him close.
The kiss wasn’t like Lauri had expected it to be.
It was hard. It was cold. Lauri froze.
Surprised he wanted to back up but suddenly Hope’s warm embrace turned into a hurtful trap. Her fingernails pierced deeply into his back.
Lauri wanted to scream, wanted to free himself, wanted to make this awful pain stop but he couldn’t move. One of her hands grabbed his head, making him unable to detach his lips from hers.
Lauri was scared. What the hell is going on? What is she doing to me?
He felt like Hope’s cold lips were sucking up all of his body’s warmth. His energy was fleeting, he became weak and weaker. He was hardly able to stand on his feet, only Hope’s arms were keeping him up straight. Her grip didn’t hurt anymore, an almost unbearable throbbing in his head was the only thing that let Lauri know that he was still alive.
Suddenly Hope backed up. Lauri slid to the floor. He was freezing, his body was shaking. It took him almost all of the little power that was still left inside of him to raise his head and look at Hope. And he wished he wouldn’t have done that.
What he saw wasn’t the woman she had been before. She was still pretty but now her beauty hurt his eyes. She looked down at him with a icy and exterminating glance.
“What did you do to me?” He whispered terrified.
She smiled coldly. Then, with a roaring sound, she unfolded an enormous pair of bat-like wings that were growing out of her back.
“Who… what… are you?” Lauri gasped.
Hope kneeled down, lifted up his body and rocked him in her arms like a child. Again she smiled down at him and this time it was the warm smile he loved about her so much.
“Oh, my dear little Lauri,” she muttered.
For a few second Lauri’s heart warmed up.
“I’m so sorry I had to hurt you,” she continued. “But I didn’t have another choice. You were so young, so full of energy, so full of love!”
She kept on rocking him gently. The pain in his head disappeared.
“All what I need to live on, to restore my beauty.”
Her arms were holding him safely but like poison he felt coldness creeping through them into his body.
“The only way is to make you pay the highest price, your life.”
She bend down and placed a soft kiss on his forehead. Lauri looked at Hope for a last time. She was still beautiful, a terrifying beauty. She looked like an angel. A fallen angel.
“My victory is your defeat.” A last smile and then, like a whisper, she was gone.
Lauri was left lying on the floor. Tears were running down his face.
No, please, I don’t want to die like this! Not here, not on a hotel room’s floor, not all alone! Please, help me!
He was begging, he was praying for someone to come and save him but after a few moments he knew that there was no hope anymore.
With every breath he took a bit of life was escaping from his body.
He just felt cold, oh so cold.

The End.

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