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this is the result of a challenge, set by Raven Girl from the int. forum

that's what she asked for:
+ The story must start with the words "And then I was falling..."
+ The main character must be one of the Rasmus, and be narrating the story in first person.
+ Can include however many characters you want.
+ Can be any genre (fantasy, romance, horror, comedy, whatever) except for slash.
+ There must be the mention of a rose somewhere in the story (be inventive! )
+ The story must end with the word "again".

and that's what i came up with

The Rose

And then I was falling.
I wasn’t sure what was happening. I hadn’t done anything different than I usually did. Closing my eyes, breathing steadily, trying to drown out the noise of my environment, finding my inner peace. Just a few minutes to recover from the hectic life I was living now.

But this time something had changed. I didn’t dare to open my eyes but I felt that I was falling. A cool breeze caressed my face. Suddenly I landed with a soft thud. I blinked a few times. I must have been fallen asleep because what I saw just couldn’t be real.
I was standing in the middle of a field. Millions of blue flowers and a soft wind blowing through the blossoms made it look like an ocean. A small creek sparkled silver in the sun light. White birds flew singing through the almost turquoise sky.

I didn’t know what to do, so I walked towards the water. Then I saw you. You were sitting in the shade of a willow, smiling at me.
“Eero,” you said. Your voice sounded like the bird’s singing.
I wanted to answer but all I was able to do was staring at you. You were the most beautiful creature that I had ever seen before. Your skin pale, your eyes as blue as the flowers, your long robe glistening silver like the creek. Gorgeous purple hair fell down your back like a cape.
You got up and walked towards me. Though were you really walking? To me it seemed more like you were floating an inch above the ground. You raised your hand and softly stroke over my cheek.
“I’ve been waiting for you, Eero.”
“Where am I? How did I get here? Why do you know my name? Who are you?” The questions suddenly burst out of my mouth.
You put your finger across my lips and smiled.
“So many questions to so many answers you don’t need to know!”
I felt anger rising inside my body. Of course I needed to know where I was and how I got here! But when I looked into your eyes, the anger melted away. You were right, there was no need to know the answers. The only thing I knew was that I belonged to you.

We spent all day long walking around hand in hand, later you took me to your house, a castle that had naturally grown out of trees. There was a water fountain in the middle of the hall but it wasn’t just murmuring, it sounded like the most beautiful string orchestra. We drank from the water and ate fruit that we picked from the branches of your house, it was the best I ever tasted in my entire life.
We lay down on a bed of the softest pillows, I held you in my arms. We hardly spoke, all I wanted to do for the rest of my life was lying there with you. Like you had been reading my mind, you looked at me and smiled.
“It’s time for you to go.”
“No!” I didn’t want to. “Can’t I just stay for ever?”
You shook your head. “You have to go back to your normal life.”
I felt like my heart was about to break. “But I can’t live on without you!”
You laughed. “You can come back when ever you want!”
“But how?” I didn’t even know how I had come here in the first place!
“Don’t worry, you’ll find your way.” You gave me a little flower pot with a white rose. “Take this, it will remind you of me.”
“As if I need anything to remind me! How could I ever forget you?”
You bent forwards to touch my lips with yours. I closed my eyes to lean into the kiss. When I opened them again I was back in my hotel room. A look at my watch told me that I had only been gone for half an hour. Only the rose in my hands told me that this hadn’t been just a dream.

From that day on I tried to come to your world as often as possible. The other guys started to make fun of me for staying in my room to meditate all the time. Even among the fans I was known as the yoga fanatic who prefers meditating over partying.
I loved my life. Playing music, touring around the world, the band, everything I had ever dreamed of had become true. And still, I used every spare minute to leave it behind and spend my time with you.
We never did anything else than staying in your house or wandering through your world, we never talked much. Just being close to you was all I needed. With you I felt complete. If I had had a choice I even would have given up my real life to stay with you for ever. But you always sent me back.

One day I locked myself in my hotel room. I placed the rose on the table in front of me. The guys thought I was a bit weird because I took the plant with me on tour but I just told them that it reminded me of home, so they never asked further questions.
I brought myself into a comfortable position and closed my eyes. I breathed deeply and tried to focus but nothing happened. I wasn’t able to leave my world. I started to worry. I tried it over and over again but still, I couldn’t reach you. I had to go back to do interviews and play the show later on but I didn’t enjoy it. Right after we got back to the hotel at night I tried it again. This time it worked.
You weren’t waiting for me under the willow. I ran to your house and found you sitting next to the water fountain.
I sank to your feet and leaned my head against your knees.
“I was so scared that something had happened to you.”
I felt you caressing my hair and when I raised my head I saw you smiling sadly at me.
“I didn’t let you come into my world on purpose earlier today.”
I was surprised. “But why?”
“Don’t you see that you can’t live on like this? That you’re neglecting your real life, your friends, your band?”
What were you talking about? Of course I spent lots of time with you but I was still living my real life!
You shook your head sadly. “Your spending every minute you’re not working, with me!”
“But I love you!”
“And I love you.”
“I can’t live without you!”
“You never will have to live without me, Eero, don’t you know that? I’m a part of you, I will always be with you in some way!”
Maybe you were right, maybe I should start to care more about my real life again.

Of course you had been right. First it had been hard to reduce my time with you but after a while it became easier. I also started to re-appreciate more what I was having in my real life. I spent more time with the guys, concentrated more on the music. Our days together became less and lesser.
And then I met her. She worked for our record company. We became friends and one day friendship turned into love.
When I came to your house you were already waiting for me. You gave me a goblet of water and led me to the pillows. We sat down. You smiled at me.
“So you finally met her.”
“You know?” I had been afraid of telling you. I looked into your eyes, expecting to see disappointment or sadness but you were laughing. Your glance was filled with happiness and love.
“Of course I know! I’m a part of you and I always will be. And now go, don’t let her wait too long!”
You kissed me and when I opened my eyes, I was back in my room. I got up to change clothes, I was about to meet her in half an hour. When I was done I walked towards the door. Just before I stepped outside I had the urgent feeling to turn back around. I let my eyes wander through the empty room. And then I saw it. The white rose that had been blossoming beautifully only a few minutes before had now faded away. And though I knew you would always be a part of me, I knew I would never see you again.

The end.

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