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This short story is dedicated to Damoon, my sick italian sister!

It has been deleted from the rasmus forum... they said it's not appropriate for the underage people who visit the forum *lol*


“Always remember, inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth. You just have to concentrate on your inner light and you’ll find ultimate relaxation!”
She sighed. What had she done to deserve a punishment like this? She always thought she liked her job but now she was seriously thinking about looking for a new one.
Usually she hiked through the Italian Alps with some tourists, guiding them on their way and telling them about plants and animals that could be found here. She enjoyed being in the nature and she liked teaching other people about it but today it was the worst trip she ever had. These four finnish guys were just a pain in the ass.
Two of them had being complaining since they had started. They looked like they had partied all night long and were whining non-stop.
If I hear another “Are we there yet?” from one of these idiots I’m seriously gonna kick them into the next abyss, she thought.
The third guy seemed to be nice at first but now he was constantly talking about some weird yoga stuff. He was all excited by it and already had started to teach her some breathing techniques.
Oh, please shut the fuck up and meditate your way down that hill, she screamed inside her mind.
But this was her job, she had to be friendly to her customers.
The fourth guy didn’t say anything at all during the whole time. Until now. He looked up to the sky.
“Looks like it’s gonna rain soon!”
She smiled at him.
“I know, the forecast said there’ll be a thunderstorm tonight. Actually we’re already supposed to be back at the hotel but you know, it has never took me that long before to hike this way. I don’t wanna insult you or something, but you guys are the slowest people I ever walked with.”
The yoga-guy looked embarrassed.
“Yeah, you know, we kind of forced Aki and Lauri to come on this trip, I’m sorry they’ve been complaining all the time!”
The other guy turned around. “Speaking of them, where are they?”
She startled. Oh no, did she really loose them? She had never ever lost one of her group before and being a guide, this was one of the worst mistakes that could happen to her! She looked into the sky and thought about it for a moment.
“Alright guy, I guess I know where they are, we passed that turn-off a while ago, they were probably behind and didn’t realize which path we took. I’m gonna go back and get them, you just have to walk along this way, it will lead you straight to the hotel.”
“We can come with you!” yoga-guy said.
“No, it’s gonna rain soon, go hurry up! I’m the guide, I have the responsibility for my group, I have to go back,” she answered.
Lauri and Aki were sitting under a tree.
“Eero and his stupid group-experience-ideas!” Aki complained. “This is great guys, hiking through the Alps together, this will make us grow together as a group!” he imitated Eero.
Lauri laughed. “He’s a cool guy, just his ideas are a bit weird sometimes. Man, my feet hurt!”
“I wish I had some chips now… and chocolate… and beer!” Aki sighed.
Lauri took his backpack and started digging in his stuff. After a while he pulled out some chocolate, liquorice candies, gummibears and a big bottle of Jägermeister.
Aki stared at the pile in front of him.
“Is this like a magic backpack or something? Wait, let me make another wish! Pull out a hot chick!” he grinned.
“Nah, sorry dude, that’s all I got! But maybe that guide-chick comes back, she was kinda hot!”
Aki laughed. “Yeah, she reminded me of Lara Croft! These short pants and the tank top and these boots! Only the guns were missing!”
“Oh my god, if she had guns she had probably shot us already! She seemed to be a tiny bit annoyed I might say!”
They were lying in the grass and laughed their asses off.
She walked along the path. From a distance she could hear the guys laughing.
Yeah, just keep on laughing, she thought angrily, this will be your last chance to laugh for today!
She turned around the corner and couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The two guys were lying on the floor, eating sweets and drinking Jägermeister.
“What the fuck do you think you are doing here!” she yelled at them.
They blushed and looked at the ground.
“Well, we… we’re just… having a … little break!” the one with the glasses stuttered.
“Which would be the twentieth break you’re having since we left this morning!” she shouted angrily and shook her head. “Now get the fuck up, Laura and Aldi or whatever your names are!”
“I’m Lauri, that’s Aki,” the dark haired said.
“Yeah, whatever. Haven’t you taken a look into the sky? We gotta hurry up, it’s gonna rain soon!”
Aki jumped on his feet.
“Yes, m’am, Mrs. Croft, m’am!” he shouted and saluted like a soldier.
“Oh, stop it!” she sighed, “Come on, I don’t wanna get wet!”
In that moment it started raining. Like someone had cut open the clouds the water just poured on them.
“Fucking shit!” Lauri screamed.
They started running.
“Follow me, there’s a little hut not far from here!” she shouted.
Five minutes later they reached the hut. It was pretty small, there were just a table with some chairs, a cupboard and a small fireplace inside. Some old blankets and pillows were lying in a corner.
They got in and looked out through the window. Black clouds were stuck on the tops of the mountains.
“Wow, this looks like the end of days!” Lauri said.
“Yeah, looks like it’s not gonna stop any soon,” she replied and took her walkie-talkie. She talked to another person in Italian. Then she threw the walkie-talkie on the table.
“Great! They say this is gonna be a severe thunderstorm. We have to stay here over night.”
She looked at the guys angrily.
“Well, thanks for being the slowest people ever. If you didn’t have a break every twenty minutes, we could be at the hotel now drinking hot coffee!”
Again they just stared at the floor and didn’t say anything. Lauri sneezed. She shook her head, these guys just behaved like little children.
“We should make a fire and dry our clothes. Otherwise we’ll all be sick tomorrow,” she said.
Aki jumped up. “I’ll make the fire!”
After ten minutes a little fire was burning and started to spread some heat. Lauri and Aki were standing in front of it, warming their bodies.
Suddenly Aki pushed his elbow into Lauris side and nodded over to the other corner. Their guide was taking her clothes off!
“Ehrm, what are you doing?” Lauri asked.
“What does it look like? I’m taking my clothes off! They’re soaking wet, they won’t dry if you keep ‘em on!”
Lauri looked at the water that was dripping of his shirt.
“Yeah, might be right,” he mumbled but still didn’t take anything off.
She grinned.
“Come on, where’s the difference seeing someone in underwear or swimming clothes? That’s the same, just imagine you’re at a pool or something!”
Aki and Lauri started to undress.
She grinned. They might be idiots but they definitely have some very nice bodies, she thought.
They hung their clothes over the chairs and put them next to the fireplace. Aki looked for the blankets.
“Ok, we’re having a problem now, there are three pillows but just two blankets,” he explained.
She took one of the blankets and unfolded it. It was huge.
“No problem,” she said, “one to lay on and one to cover, we just have to share.”
Aki and Lauri looked at each other. Sharing blankets with a beautiful girl, it could be worse!
“Alright!” they grinned.
They were sitting in front of the fireplace, wrapped into the blanket. They sat close together, she was in the middle. They didn’t talk, just stared into the flames and passed the Jägermeister bottle to keep warm from the inside as well.
The room was dark except for the light that came from the fire. Outside the storm was blowing. Sometimes lightning lit up the room. Thunder was echoing between the mountains unbelievably loud.
She sighed, she loved this kind of weather.
Another thunder stroke crashed outside. Lauri jumped up a little and moved closer to her.
“This is creepy!” he mumbled.
She laughed. “Sissy!”
He looked at her.
“Are you calling me a sissy?”
She grinned. “Yes! Sissy!”
“Take it back!”
She shook her head. “Nope!”
Suddenly she felt a pillow hit her face. She screamed and jumped up.
“How dare you?!”
She took her pillow and beat the shit out of him.
“Aki! Help!” he yelled.
Now they were all jumping around and fighting. She had managed to disarm Aki, now she was beating Lauri with two pillows.
“Aki, do something!” he gasped, not really being able to defend himself.
Aki sneaked from the back, grabbed her waist and pulled her to the floor. Her head lay on his lap and he was holding her wrists so she couldn’t pick up the pillows.
Lauri grinned evilly.
“Doom on you!” he said with a creepy voice and tickled her.
She laughed and screamed and tried to kick him. Lauri sat down on her legs so she couldn’t move anymore. He tickled her again.
“Are you going to take it back now?” he asked.
She looked at him innocently and smiled.
“Oh, I’m really sorry… but you’re still a sissy, Laura!”
He stared at her, Aki was laughing above her.
“Shut up, Aldi!” Lauri shouted at him and tickled her again.
“It’s Lauri, with an ‘i’, I’m not a girl!”
She laughed. “Sure you’re not a girl?”
“Of course I’m not!” he answered, pretending to be shocked, “can’t you tell from looking at me?”
“Maybe you’re just… hairy but still a girl?” she teased him.
“I’m! Not! A! Girl!” he replied and stressed every word with more tickling.
Tears of laughter were running down her cheeks, she gasped for air.
“Proof it, girl!” she laughed.
Suddenly Lauri bend over and kissed her. She was surprised but kissed him back.
Aki let her hands go. She sat up and kissed Lauri again. Another lightning lit up the room.
She turned around and looked at Aki, he looked stunned. She lay her hand around his neck, pulled his head closer and kissed him passionately. At the same time she felt Lauri’s lips on her shoulders, his hands caressing her back. Slowly they moved forwards and repainted the lines of her bra. She turned back to Lauri.
He looked at her with hungry eyes and pulled her closer. Now she was sitting on his lap, her legs wrapped around his waist. Aki opened her bra, pulled it off and threw it away. He gently followed her spine with his tongue, sucked on her neck. She felt Lauri’s excitement down in his shorts and backed a little up to tease him. He moaned and leaned forward.
She was lying on the floor now, her hands were grabbing Aki’s hair whose tongue was playing with her breasts. Lauri kissed the insight of her thighs then his mouth wandered higher. She moaned of joyful expectation and pushed her hips towards him. He lay his hands around her waist and pulled her back on his lap.
Outside the storm was bending the trees, lightning lit up the sky, rain pattered against the windows. Inside the hot flames of desire made the three bodies melt into one another.

Aki woke up. He rubbed his eyes and searched for his glasses. He found them under a pillow and put them back on.
Lauri was still sleeping.
He wanted to get dressed but couldn’t find his boxers. After checking the whole room he finally found them on top of the cupboard. He wondered how they had end up there. He kicked Lauri softly into his side.
“Wake up, dude!”
Lauri opened his eyes.
“Holy fuck, what a night!” he mumbled.
Aki grinned. Suddenly she entered the hut.
“Morning guys!” she shouted smiling, “time to go back to the hotel!”
They smiled at her and got dressed quickly. After they had put back everything on its place they left the hut. While she locked the door she winked at the guys.
“Ok, let’s go. And one thing, what happened in this hut, stays in this hut, alright?”
Aki and Lauri looked at each other and grinned.
“Hurry up, I’m starving, I need breakfast!” she shouted at them.
Again, they were already 200 meters behind her.
“I hate hiking in the Alps!” Lauri sighed.
“Yeah,” Aki answered, “though I heard the nights are pretty exciting around here!”

The end.

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