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hello? anyone still coming here? if yes: i love you! and i'm sorry for not writing anything in ages
if not: i really understand you, i've been an uninspired, lazy ass lately...

but, tadaaaaaaaaa, i started to write again! don't really know why, i mean of course i know why... cause i love doing it and i really missed doing it but i'm not really sure how it happened. i was reading a challenge by 'seek for a name' in the TRFFF and suddenly i was like 'oh, that's good, i'm gonna accept that challenge', started writing and here i am, with the first (short) chapter
i think it turns out to be a kinda fantasy-scary-apocalyptic or something story, not so sure yet but hey, let me know what you think
oh and i forgot, it's called 'prohpecies'
8.1.06 23:47


thank you , you totally forgot to update the story here, sorry, so now, chapter two of prophecies is up. if i survive tonight, i'll try to write a new part tomorrow...
21.1.06 17:13


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