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this is a huge sorry to all who are waiting for me to email you... i'm quite busy lately, have a new job and if everything goes well on friday, maybe another (better) one so i can quit the first one...
anyway, miss you all and i'll get back to you as soon as i have some more time.
and another sorry to all who are waiting for a new story, i've been quite uninspired lately... but as soon as things have settled a bit i think i'll start writing again. hope you'll not forget me until then
keep on rockin y'all
5.10.05 23:27


i konw, i know, all i'm posting is excuses... but i'm sorry, the new job is taking a lot of my time and in the evening i don't feel too creative... so before i write some shitty stuff i prefer waiting till i have more time to come up with something good... hope you be a bit more patient...
big hugs to y'all
17.10.05 22:42

hey there, everyone!

sorry, still no new story... (guess you already expected that, huh?) but i feel like there's something coming soon
anyway, was just playing around with my photo editing program and made another sig for 'summer breeze'... which gave me the idea to post all sigs i've made so far. so if you're interested, click on 'signatures' on the left side
keep on rockin
30.10.05 19:59


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