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hey y'all
still no new story, sorry, but i'm buying my new computer today or tomorrow and all my guests have left today so that means it won't take long till i start...
big hugs to all of you!
2.9.05 14:35


woohoo!!!! i got my new computer still that annyoing slow internet connection but that'll be fixed in ten days so, maybe, if i'm not going out tonight, i'll start typing up the first chapter...
3.9.05 16:04

ok, me again *lol* i'm just so excited about my new computer ) now i can do all these things i wasn't able to do with my ice-age-old computer.... like using the yahoo messenger... so, if anyone wants to add me, it's (well, in aproximately (sp?) 40 minutes...)
3.9.05 22:11

hello there, i accepted a challenge by Chiili from the TRFFF. the story i came up with is called 'More than friends?', it's short and it's my first slash hope you like it!
7.9.05 13:02

just downed two bottles of red wine with my good-friend-almost-brother matze and shouldn't be postin in this state of drunkness but have to add this:
good luck for your exams, michy85!!
(damn, these few lines took me forever to write... kinda hard being not sober anymore... should go to bed... good night y'all, my lovely readers!)
8.9.05 03:12

hey, i was just wondering... is anyone interested in a sequel to 'more than friends?'?
12.9.05 16:25

ok, i was just copying all these stories on a cd for a friend and realized one thing... i already wrote 492 pages of fanfic... is this a point where i should start worrying about my mental condition?
12.9.05 17:32

*lol* katariina, even if you hadn't mentioned your name or psyche's in your first entry, 'apocalyptica' would have been enough to tell who wrote this hope you're having so much fun tomorrow! and say hi to psyche
... so i should only start worrying when it's more than 500 pages? guess that leaves me a few days being still sane (as i got the flu right now and i'm not really able to write more than a few sentences without getting a headache
17.9.05 21:47


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