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well... i did it, i finally finished AC!
i've been writing such a long time on it that i think i'm actually gonna miss the characters of the story... kinda pathetic, isn't it? *lol* guess there'll be a sequell, just not right now, give me some time to recover from this *lol*
anyway, i'm glad so many people read it and i hope to see you around for my next story!
thanks so much for the feedback, comments, mails and guestbook entrances, you guys are the best readers ever!
special thanks to icy rummy for leaving messages in two different forums AND the guestbook... honey, are you a lil' bit obsessed with this fic? of course i'm just kidding, hun, you know that, right?

i already have lots of ideas for a new fic, so i hope i'll see you around when i start posting!

love you all and keep on rockin'

4.7.05 23:25


@In: i always thought 'Ipanema' is a a place somewhere in mexico, there's that really cheesy song from (i think) the seventies called 'girl from ipanema', don't know who sang it though. it's a pretty annoying song that gets stuck in your head quite fast... the only time i liked it was when a german comedian made a gay version of it called 'boy from ipanema' that was hilarious...

reading the guestbook (thanks for your message, cho!) i realized that i have readers from literally all over the world, like from every continet... wait, is there someone from africa reading? well, from everywhere except aftrica then... anyway, i mean, wow, how cool is that?! thanks to whatever person that invented the internet, i love you!
and of course thanks (again *lol*) to all you people out there who spend their time reading stuff that has been made up by someone (with a probably pretty much twisted mind *lol*) has made up on somwhere hundreds or thousands of miles away from you...
9.7.05 12:59

thanks for your guestbook entrances rummy, michy and pippin! you probably can't even imagine how happy you make me with all your compliments!!!

i'm a in a bit of trouble in my real life (*lol*, yeah, who would have thought i have one?!) so it's probably gonna take a while till i start the new story... got too many things to sort out...
anyway, love you all and hope i'll see you around soon!
12.7.05 16:09

@persefone darkness: don't worry, of course i don't mind
so that's what ipanema is, thanks for clearing things up, i thought it was a city or something. i don't know who sang the song, it's pretty old... it's an ok song it just gets horribly stuck in you mind once you heard it...

talking about stuck in your head... i heard 'no fear' today (actually listening to it right now) and what can i say? actually i expected something different cause i read all these comments about the song saying it sounded to different and heavy... sorry, i can't hear that. in my opinion it still sounds like DL-TR with a bit more eighties sound and maybe a tiny bit heavier guitar but despite that? doesn't sound that different... and somehow i don't think it's gonna be that much of a big hit... but that's only me, of course i hope they'll be successful it's a good song though, i guess i just expected something different... oh, and another thing that i don't like that much about the song is that frequent use of the word 'gir' ... reminded me too much of new kids on the block, they did that too
and the album cover is ready, too... *lol* i read some comments before i saw the pic and they were all talking about a butterfly and i was like WTF? a butterfly? that sounds scaringly girly... but it looks kinda cool, though that butterly looks more like a moth whose wings have touched a hot lightbuld a few times too often... guess that's why it's hiding from the sun... wonder if they add in the booklet 'no animals were harmed or killed during creating the cover'...
13.7.05 00:04

hey pippin, check your mailbox!
13.7.05 10:17

things in my life are starting to relax a bit
katariina, psyche, rummy, thanks so much for your comments! believe it or not, your words helped me
rummy, using writing to get away from life, i did that too kind of... and i gotta agree, it's not the best thing to do *lol*
well, as soon as i'm sure everything is alright, i think i'm gonna start the new story at the moment my brain is too busy with other things...
17.7.05 22:09

hello there

i'm not quite ready to start with my new multi-chap story (which will probably called 'from the ashes' by the way) and i probably won't have time to write during the next 2-3 weeks (woohoo, my sister is coming to visit!!!), so i thought i'll write a lil' short fic so you got at least something new to read
it's called 'the perfect line' and it's kinda angsty drama stuff... hope you like it, let me know

alright, gonna go to the german air-guitar-championship tonight... to watch not to take part though *lol*, so all there's left to say is

keep on rockin
23.7.05 14:22


new story again! it's called summer breeze and it's a short (well not that short) story involving drama, love, friendship, maybe even a hint of slash... have fun!

i probably won't be able to come online during the next two weeks but i'll try...

the air guitar contest rocked, the only woman that took part (leni kravitzkowski) won first place and is now flying to finland to represent germany in the air guitar world championship *lol* good luck, leni!
25.7.05 15:56


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