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AC is back not one of my best chapters... guess i need some time to get back to my old shape
3.6.05 19:48


thanks, sophie, for pointing out that i fucked up the thing with the color of the writing sorry for that, i changed it now (as you probably can see *lol*)
4.6.05 15:55

new AC chap is up
5.6.05 13:07

where's satan taking them? and will they find a way to escape? read chapter 50 to find out...
7.6.05 22:19

sorry, took me a while, chapter 51 is up now
14.6.05 21:53

new chap up
19.6.05 15:42

new AC-chapter is up
pippin, thanks for that lovely guestbook entrance! i'm glad i didn't loose you as a reader during that long time it's taking me to write it!
22.6.05 22:32

hello there finally posted chapter 54, sorry for taking a while... made it extra long though
and if there are any volunteers out there that want to help me taking the nc-17-ishness out of this chapter, you're highly welcom!!! (i suck at these things...)
hope you like it anyways

In (girl from mexico *lol*) thanks for the guestbook entrance
hey, is Ipanema in mexico? cause now that 'girl from ipanema' song is stuck in my head....
29.6.05 00:19


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