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finally updated AC with three new chapters
11.5.05 12:31


bad news for all AC-readers... i'm kinda stuck... again! hope i'll get over it soon...

in the meanwhile i wrote a little short story called 'the rose' as a result to a challenge in the int. forum hope you like it!

thanks, sleeper, for leaving a message in the guestbook!
19.5.05 13:55

ok, i'm seriously stuck with AC fuckin' writer's block!

anyway, thanks for coming to this site everyone! you al rock! and thanks rasmuseye and love_lintu_4ever for leaving messages in the guestbook
23.5.05 16:02

katariina, thanks for that lovely message!
well, i'm still stuck with AC plus i'm having a bit of an insomnia problem at the moment... it's 6 a.m. and i'm still awake... but... tadaaa! i wrote another short story as a result of a challenge by Link179 in the int. forum (yep katariina, it's the same one you once took, though i think mine is pretty different *lol*)
it's called 'my victory is your defeat', hope you all like it!
25.5.05 06:55

alright, here i am with another short fic, this time it's a horror fic
and guess what, somehow i feel AC is coming back... not yet but i think i'll start writing on it again soon...
in the meantime check out my new ones... somehow i like writing challenges a lot lately... so if anyone wants to challenge me, go ahead

evanescent lullabies, thanks for leaving a message in the guestbook and thanks for the mail,... girl from mexico, sorry i don't know your name
28.5.05 03:37

tried to figure out how my photo editing program works... haven't been too successful yet... the pic above is supposed to look like it's wrapped in see-through plastic foil, but i'm not sure if i like it... what do you think?
29.5.05 01:50


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