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hello, hello
new year, new story
hope you like it... and if you have any suggestions for a title, let me know!
5.1.05 23:33


is it just me or is the forum not working? so if you've come here to find a new part of the new story.... hey, lucky you... i posted chapter 2 (even before posting it on the forum)
6.1.05 16:32

the new story now is called "angel crossing"
third chapter is up!
9.1.05 20:33

angel crossing is updated with chapter 4 and 5

thanks for all the great feedback i got in the forum
11.1.05 17:39

chapter 6 is up!

btw, go and donate for the new TR FF Forum!
12.1.05 13:28

there's a big fashion show coming up on friday so i got lotsa things to help organizing... which means i won't be able to write more of 'angel crossing' before the weekend...
keep on rockin my lil' darlings
18.1.05 23:20

the new TR fanfic forum is up!
check out !
19.1.05 16:59

added chapter 7 and 8 of 'angel crossing'
24.1.05 15:55

added a new chapter of 'angel crossing'
26.1.05 23:23

added chapter 10 of 'angel crossing'... it's kinda long but somehow i got the feeling i don't really get this story to flow properly... come on, spread some flow and creativity on me, quick!
27.1.05 20:31

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