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added chapters 24 - 28 of 'what if'

big shoutout to damoon for creating the KinKy WorLd!!!
check it out:
1.12.04 13:25


updated 'what if'
4.12.04 16:08

i updated 'what if' till chapter 33

*lol* now that 'what if' has been nominated for the fanfic competition, the mods seem to really read it now... had to edit chapter 23... well, it's still the uncensored version you can read here
by the way, thanks to everyone who voted for me!
7.12.04 11:37

seems like somehow people who don't even like TR found this site... thanks for your guesbook entrances, comments and mails to answer some of your questions and to explain why i'm writing this stories, i thought i write a litte bit bout myself... click 'bout me' on the left hand side
7.12.04 16:25

chap 33 of WI is up
7.12.04 19:10

*criiiiiies* beastie boys are sold out ... damn, should have been thinking of buying tickets earlier than one day before the gig...
'what if' is updated.
8.12.04 15:57

woooooohoooooo, gonna see the beastie boys tonight!!!!!!!!!!

'what if' is updated
9.12.04 13:52

the beastie boys were sooooooooo awesome!!!!

what if is updated with chap 36
10.12.04 16:16

chapter 39 of 'what if' is up
13.12.04 23:49

'what if' is updated
17.12.04 21:43

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