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so i finally got ridd of that fuckin' writer's block and now that i have some free time to write, i decided to start with the sequel to 'truth or dare' as so many people were asking me for a second part...
hope you like what my sick little mind is making up
8.11.04 21:55


hellohello )
'what if' is updated and as a little surprise i already posted the first part of chapter 5 which you can't read in the forum yet
just for you, my lovely readers
10.11.04 14:45

'what if' is updated!
12.11.04 15:38

new chaps of 'what if' are on....
big thank u for every one's feedback
special thanks to gloria -angelonfire- thanks for ya lovely entrance
14.11.04 22:39

huh? what the fuck did happen to my last post???
anyway, 'what if' is updated with chapter 11, 12, 13, including the uncensored version of chapter 11

big kissen to damoon, pippin and gloria for leaving these sweet guestbook entrances you guys rock!

keep the KINKYNESS alive!
18.11.04 13:14

chapter 14 and 15 are up...
19.11.04 17:10

updated 'what if' ...
21.11.04 22:21

i just wrote an index for this site... thought it might be easier for people to choose a story if they can read one or two sentences about it...
i tried to rate them... but i think i really don't believe in ratings... i mean there are some 13 years old out there who understand as much about sex/violence/whatever as other 30 years old... i think what things you can understand and/or handle don't have to do with your age but with what you've experienced and learned so far...
so sorry, no pg/pg13/n-c17/... rating on this site!!
25.11.04 13:56

added chap 19-23 of 'what if'
25.11.04 17:17


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