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the forum still doesn\'t work (at least not for me...) so i decided to post the final chapter of \'secretly\' here first... hope you like how this story ends
any feedback is apprechiated
1.9.04 12:43


thanks y\'all for leaving a message, i\'m glad you liked the end!
i have absolutely no idea why the forum isn\'t working for me... if i go to the site it tells me something about index and parental something... dunno what\'s that all about... so if anyone has an idea how to fix that... HELP!!!!
by the way, forum-people, maybe someone of you can copy the last chapter from here and post it in the forum, so the story is in there complete, too. that would be really cool, thanks
3.9.04 12:17

alright, as i can\'t decide what to write next ... i wrote a short story so you don\'t have to wait too long for something new...
btw, if you wanna read a story bout lauri being nice... don\'t read this one... it\'s called \'without you I\'m nothing"... though i\'m not too happy bout the title yet...
10.9.04 14:55


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