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I\'M BACK!!! finally!

(alright, i wrote something like that yesterday but stupid as i am, i somehow deleted it... my bad, sorry)

THANKS TO EVERYONE for stickin\' around though i was gone like forever!
SPECIAL THANKS TO MOONLIGHT for leaving that lovely guestbook entrance
and of course a SPECIAL SICK HELLO to damoon, my sick sister, have you been hikin\' in the alps yet?

2.8.04 11:58


why the fuck are there just band pictures with lauri in the front? that sucks! where ever i looked for a diffrent one they all were the same... if you can proove me wrong, tell me!
2.8.04 12:04

secretly is updated....

and here\'s a little pic from chapter 31

10.8.04 10:39

chapter 32 of secretly is up
11.8.04 17:57

chapters 33, 34 and 35 are up, sorry for the delay...
17.8.04 13:03

next chap is up... sorry, no new part till tomorrow!
17.8.04 19:42

chapter 37, 38 and 39 are on
19.8.04 12:59

hey there just posted a new chapter... exclusively for you guys who come to this site... the forum is still down so you\'re the first who get the chance to read it!
see y\'all soon
21.8.04 15:58

secretly is updated with chapter 41 and 42!
rock on, everyone
26.8.04 15:26

sorry, not back with a new part yet but anyway, i was wondering, as i know there are quite a few people coming to this site every day, would anyone of you mind leaving a message in the gb or writing a comment or something? i\'m just wondering who you are...
keep on rockin\'
27.8.04 14:57

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