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woohoo!!!! i got my new computer still that annyoing slow internet connection but that'll be fixed in ten days so, maybe, if i'm not going out tonight, i'll start typing up the first chapter...
3.9.05 16:04


hey y'all
still no new story, sorry, but i'm buying my new computer today or tomorrow and all my guests have left today so that means it won't take long till i start...
big hugs to all of you!
2.9.05 14:35

hey everyone

sorry, that it's taking me so long to finally post the new chapter.... but i still don't have a new computer (though i'm in the process of finally buying one ) and internet cafes kinda suck to write fics... but don't worry, i've already written two chapters by hand and i think it' s going quite well so as soon as i can go online at home again, i'll post! Promised!

until then, keep the insanity alive
23.8.05 14:13

last night i killed the electricity thing in my apartment which forced me to do something that doesn't include music or the tv... so... taddaaaaaaaa! i finally wrote the first chapter of my next fic... not so sure about the title yet, maybe 'from the ashes' ... and i'm not gonna post before i've written the first few chapters, to see if it's going the way i want it to go. so you still gotta be a bit patient but i'll try to hurry up
the other thing is that my computer has finally decided to die so i gotta go to internet cafes to come online until i have a new one... but yeah, i think the new story is coming soon
12.8.05 14:36

lise, i think i fixed the 'what if'-link, hope it works! thanks for telling me
10.8.05 11:33

hey everyone! i'm back!

i had two wonderfull weeks spending with my sister which was awesome but didn't leave me any time to write anything at all... but at least i'm back online, that's something, isn't it?
*lol* just kidding

anyway, i'll see what i can come up with next... maybe i'll finally start the new multi-chap fic...

until then, keep on rockin and don't eat roadkill!
8.8.05 16:14


new story again! it's called summer breeze and it's a short (well not that short) story involving drama, love, friendship, maybe even a hint of slash... have fun!

i probably won't be able to come online during the next two weeks but i'll try...

the air guitar contest rocked, the only woman that took part (leni kravitzkowski) won first place and is now flying to finland to represent germany in the air guitar world championship *lol* good luck, leni!
25.7.05 15:56

hello there

i'm not quite ready to start with my new multi-chap story (which will probably called 'from the ashes' by the way) and i probably won't have time to write during the next 2-3 weeks (woohoo, my sister is coming to visit!!!), so i thought i'll write a lil' short fic so you got at least something new to read
it's called 'the perfect line' and it's kinda angsty drama stuff... hope you like it, let me know

alright, gonna go to the german air-guitar-championship tonight... to watch not to take part though *lol*, so all there's left to say is

keep on rockin
23.7.05 14:22

things in my life are starting to relax a bit
katariina, psyche, rummy, thanks so much for your comments! believe it or not, your words helped me
rummy, using writing to get away from life, i did that too kind of... and i gotta agree, it's not the best thing to do *lol*
well, as soon as i'm sure everything is alright, i think i'm gonna start the new story at the moment my brain is too busy with other things...
17.7.05 22:09

hey pippin, check your mailbox!
13.7.05 10:17

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